Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mae Usu Cave

This is my husband, Steve, and I, in front of Mae Usu Cave that runs along the Burma and Thailand border.

You can go to Burma from Thailand through this cave. The Karen (one of Burma's ethnic groups) resistant fighters used it as a hiding place from Burma military Junta. Many refugees from Burma still live near this cave.

The cave is large and extensive, many creeks and rivers flow through this cave to the Moey river that separates Thailand and Burma. Local villagers say many people get lost in the cave system and some have been lost for over a week before finding the way out.

From the border town of Mae Sot you can take a local bus from the market and travel north for approximately two hours until you reach the village of Mae Usu. From the village you must walk for about thirty minutes until you reach the entrance of the cave. Many local children will be happy to provide you with candles and to guide you through the cave for a small fee.

Are you interested to go?

My first visit to "Rubbish Tip"

It was really amazing. I have never had this experience before as, in my home country, we don't have this kind of household waste and recycling system.

I went to a rubbish tip in Homebush Bay, Sydney and saw how things worked there. I had to pay for the extra rubbish that I brought from home. It was not cheap as I had a lot of rubbish. From this experience I learned how important it is to manage our household rubbish.

I wish that I could have this system in my home country as we still have a lot of problems with rubbish, especially household waste.